The story of the foundation

Alina was not just the daughter, but the reason to realize dreams and projects, the reason to create, revolutionize, and improve. I believe that no one will ever be able to invent a new language: that of the pain of surviving the death of a child. To survive there are only two choices to make enter the tunnel of a reality that no longer belongs to real life, or make the greatest compromise, that of accepting suffering and making absence the traveling companion to fill the infinite void with the power of the mind. We chose the latter, creating thus Alina Art Foundation in 2020 that supports Art and artists: let Art be the tool to awaken the collective consciousness and improve ourselves.


The foundation's field of operation is the Netherlands (where it has its registered office) and Italy to expand to other countries.
Our mission is, first and foremost, to support artists who embrace art as a means to explore the deeper nuances of society and human values, that challenge conformity, invite reflection, and prompt meaningful debate. We intend to create situations of opportunities where creative minds can merge in interdisciplinary collaborations, generating new perspectives and inspirations.
We are also dedicated to spreading the power of art through engaging events and experiences.
We organize exhibitions, workshops, performances, and meetings that encourage audiences to immerse themselves in art in deeply personal ways. Through these activities, we aim to stimulate meaningful confrontations, raise crucial questions, and inspire a sense of belonging to a global community united by the pursuit of knowledge and inner growth.

Our goals

Our most important goal is to spread the power of art through exhibitions, events, and engaging experiences that encourage the public to immerse themselves in art in deeply personal ways. Through these activities, we aim to stimulate meaningful dialogues and reactions, to invite to reflect on crucial issues such as justice, road murder, and responsibility for the lives of others.
Our vision is that of a world in which art is not just an aesthetic construct, but a catalyzing force catalyst that pushes humanity to overcome limits and preconceptions. We believe that, through art, one can explore the invisible, reflect on our values, and look beyond the boundaries of our everyday reality. This process of exploration, sharing, and connection, fuelled by human creativity, is the beating heart of our mission.

Sanda Sudor


Dos Remmerswaal


Antonella Scarabelli


Frans Remmerswaal