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Published 18/09/2020

Alina run over and killed by a drunk. And not only that...

It was 9.47 am on a Sunday, 7 April 2019. Alina was on the Via Salinatore cycle path in Forlì. She was run over and killed by
one of her 26-year-old contemporaries from Castrocaro, Martina Mercuriali, was drunk and drugged while driving a Nissan car.
Drugs while driving a Nissan Micra car. On 5 March 2020 there will be a hearing preliminary hearing...

Now the police investigation has given way to the magistrate's investigation. The preliminary hearing preliminary hearing has been set for 5 March 2020 at the court of Forlì. It is a road murder in every sense of the word! A crime incredible, absurd, unexpected, which could have been avoided! Alina Marchetta was run over and killed on 7 April last year on the bicycle path in Viale Salinatore in Forlì in the area reserved for pedestrians, by Martina Mercuriali, who was driving a car full of alcohol and hard drugs. a car.

There will be no shortage of voices to reaffirm Justice and it will not be the cry of a private justice or a private pain only but that of many,
because the Mercuriali who committed the road murder has asked for and obtained the revocation of the custody measure: in this way he will be able to easily attend the University of Bologna in order to chart his own course in life, without pay the bill. Yet she was arrested on a charge of homicide road traffic because, after an alcohol test, it turned out that her blood alcohol level was 1.78 g/litre, whereas the limit set by the
law is 0.5 g/litre. And for those who cause a murder behind the wheel 'by negligence', being in a state of severe intoxication (more than 1.5 g of alcohol per liter of blood) or under the influence of drugs is subject to a very high penalty: imprisonment of eight to ten years.
very high: imprisonment for eight to twelve years and the withdrawal of the license for fifteen. So, there is a law for such acts, number 41 of
23 March 2016, published in the Official Gazette on 24 March which went into force the following day, which introduced into our legal system
a new offense, road homicide, for anyone who, while driving a motor vehicle in a state of alcoholic or psychophysical alteration resulting from the consumption of narcotic or psychotropic substances, under Articles 186(2)(c) and 187 of the decree Legislative Decree No. 285 of 30 April 1992, culpably causes the death of a person, but why is this not enforced? Alina Marchetta was twenty-six years old, an example of a brilliant young woman, clean and sunny. The her extraordinary life, was cut short by Martina Mercuriali and by the no-education of a complex social reality devoid of values, but the family members who will follow every stage of the criminal trial hope that Justice will apply the law fairly.

Published 05/03/2020

"The only tool I have to cry out the pain and anger for my daughter, run over and killed a year ago, is the word and with that, I want to be heard".
Sanda Sudor, the mother of Alina Marchetta, the 26-year-old woman who died on 7 April last year, is heartbroken. who died on 7 April last year in Via Salinatore in Forlì. The girl, a beautiful young woman who came to Forlì to manage a shop in the Punta di Ferro shopping center, was hit in the morning while walking peacefully on a pedestrian path, by a pole knocked down by a car.
Driving that crazy car was a girl of her age. On Thursday, the first hearing for road murder was held. The hearing was attended by all
Alina's family: her father, mother, two sisters, and her boyfriend. The mother, Sanda Sudor, is an artist living in the Netherlands.

A year after her daughter's death, I think nothing has changed inside her does she feel?

"They say that time eases the pain, but it doesn't. Every day that passes it is harder for me to accept the absence...I want to believe and delude myself that Alina has to return from a long journey. I want to believe that Alina no longer lives here but exists. I know perfectly well that only parents orphaned by their children can understand the meaning of these words.

What do you expect from justice?
"I expect justice to be the just moral and material support of every person who unjustly suffers atrocities by other people. I expect justice to do 'justice' to those who suffer, to those who are now condemned like me to a life sentence of pain. There can be no rite abbreviated or plea bargaining. It is from this 'system' that the malaise starts in Italian society infected by the virus of injustice, ignorance, of unawareness'.

Have you launched an art competition in Alina's name? Can you tell me about it? Since I couldn't as a mother stop Alina from dying,
I want to fight to survive and I do so with the only tool I know, that sustains and supports me: Art. I want it to be Art that keeps Alina
alive, that it is Art that makes us understand the passage between life and death.
"Artists for Alina" is a life project, a project from heart to heart, and should be of all those who do not accept the injustice of fate, of those who no longer know the limits of pain. 40 were selected artists with 65 entries (all fields of visual art - painting sculpture, photography, design, graphics/illustration, video) and awarded three prizes ("Alina" first prize in the value of 1,000 euro, second and third prize the value of 600 and 400 euros respectively). The works can be viewed at
The 'Artists for Alina' exhibition will be inaugurated on 7 April in the Oratorio San Sebastiano in Forlì to be then transferred to Spoleto, where Alina grew up, from 16 May to 29 May'.
Do you have other projects to remember your daughter?
"I am laying the foundations of the Alina Foundation with the office in Holland, where I live, and with the operational field in Italy and Holland. A
foundation that will defend artists and support artists. They are the artists true artists with a pure soul, with a sense of courage who have believed in this life project by dedicating part of their time to Alina, to make Alina live. I owe everything to them. They are the best part of the Italian nation'.

What kind of daughter was she? What kind of future did he imagine for her?
"How could I talk about Alina without the helplessness, anger, and pain? A year ago I began with Alina the love journey, into the pain, in knowledge without which we could never approach the mystery. Alina is the meaning of what I call life. She was special. From the day she realized that all adults are imperfect, she ha became a teenager. From the day she began to forgive, she became an adult. A few days before the tragedy
with a voicemail she forgave herself becoming, perhaps, too wise for this world. If you ask me how I resist I tell you: waiting every day for her to return to my arms and learning that desire must be kept alive in the heart. Now in this second life of mine, my back hurts anymore, my load hurts, my head hurts, my thoughts, my heart doesn't hurt, and my emptiness hurts. It seems to me hear Alina telling me: 'Why should I be out of your thoughts and from your mind, just because I am out of your sight? I am not far away, I am on the other side, just around the corner... it's OK mammy, you will find
My heart Dry your tears and don't cry, if you love me: your smile is my peace.

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