ArteAlta - International art competition for all artists to exploit contemporary art

Deadline - May 1,  2024

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One Life Project

The ALINA ART FOUNDATION was established to support and promote socio-cultural initiatives and charity events that aim to raise awareness and inform about the risks and responsibilities of driving while impaired due to alcohol and drug abuse. Every year in Europe there are thousands of victims on the roads, lives cut short and wings broken by people drowned in alcohol and confused by drugs as happened to Alina. Alina was happy to exist, to love, to dream, to realize and it is from this trait that the Foundation is formed to raise awareness and work towards something real and concrete. Alina was open to the future and with high ideals, now she has been transformed and has become the vital hub of a real project. A transmitter that unites the voices of many to continue to believe in dreams and promote life as a gift to be cherished and developed. It is necessary, therefore, to start from a point and know that dreams gift the deepest part of being. They take root, like roots hidden in damp soil, and it is the hidden part of us that pushes to change, to achieve something that can change, in turn, a small part of the world. It is like taking a leap in the dark that traces the thin line that unites and divides. This eternal dichotomy pushes and holds and rewrites the pages of a life that seems to have disappeared but is alive, to realize a greater purpose, to find the strength to get back up and the courage to continue on a path, to give hope and meaning to life.

the Art to awaken consciousness and awareness and to improve ourselves