Alina Marchetta was twenty-six years old, an example of a brilliant young woman, clean and sunny. She, our little Alina, the light of our eyes, is now no more... and is no longer no longer with us. Her extraordinary life, a beautiful and promising sapling, has been violated and severed not only by bad luck but above all, by no-education in this complex reality of our social world. Crime is not an abstract entity, it must be analyzed carefully in-depth, in the inhuman sense of jurisprudential ecology. Alina was cruelly removed from her beautiful life on 7 April 2019 killed by one of her peers, who should not have been driving that murderous car, under the under the influence of alcohol and hard drugs that clouded her mind. She should not have taken prohibited and harmful substances!!!

Alina's family members were all sentenced through no fault of their own, to a life sentence of despair and endless suffering. The sentence is irrevocable! Remember, reflect, think, understand. Per-donate a person, it is not his words that will determine it, but his actions! While life goes on for everyone (not for Alina), those who killed her have requested and obtained the revocation of the custody measure: thus can easily continue
her daily life to better map out her famous program for herself and her loved ones.

Alina was not only the fighter, but the reason to realize dreams and projects, the reason to create, revolutionize and improve.
I believe that no one will ever be able to invent a new language: that of the pain of surviving the death of a fighter.
Since I was not able as a mother to stop Alina from dying, I want to fight to survive and I do so with the only tool I know, that sustains and supports me: Art. Let it be Art that keeps Alina alive, let it be Art that makes the passage between life and death. Let Art be a tribute to the parents who,
like me, are condemned to a life sentence of pain.

Obviously, the exhibitions will be accompanied
from time to time of various collateral events that will see the involvement of places
art institutions, art venues, personalities/protagonists of the
cultural life.

"Our life retains all
meaning it has always had:

it is the same as before, there is a
continuity that is not broken.

Why should I be out of
your thoughts and your mind, just because I am out of your sight?

I am not far away, I am
on the other side, just around the corner.

Reassure yourself, all is well.

You will find my heart again

You will find its tenderness

Dry your tears and do not

cry, if you love me:

Your smile is my peace."