ArteAlta - art contemporary competition

Alina Art Foundation presents the first edition of the ARTEALTA competition, an event of international resonance that has seen the collaboration with the Inarttendu Gallery of Aosta. This competition aroused great interest, attracting the participation of 432 artists from 18 different countries.
The jury, made up of five experts in the field, had the task of selecting the 20 finalists, a task that was anything but simple given the quality of the works presented. During the selection process, various criteria were considered that made it possible to identify the most deserving works that had to reflect the theme of the competition, FEAR. Among the criteria adopted, three fundamental elements stand out:
Originality: works that stood out for their ability to express a unique and innovative artistic language scored higher. Originality was evaluated both in the choice of materials used and in the representation of the theme of the competition, Fear.
Technique: The technical mastery demonstrated by the artists played a decisive role in the selection of the finalists.
Artistic message: Great value has been placed on the ability of artists to communicate a meaningful message through their works in connection with the theme of FEAR.
We are pleased to announce the names of the 20 finalists of the ARTEALTA contemporary art competition, artists selected from a wide range of artistic styles and approaches, offering a unique overview of high-level contemporary art.
The ARTEALTA competition, created with passion and commitment by the Alina Art Foundation, is an extraordinary opportunity for emerging artists to make themselves known and for established talents to consolidate their careers. The goal of this competition is to promote contemporary art, offering a platform of visibility and support for artists from all over the world.

1st Prize 

Enrica Berselli

2nd Prize / 3rd Prize

2nd Prize ex aequo
Alessia Lupo

2nd Prize ex aequo
Marijke de Pous

3rd Prize
Brigitte Amarger


Federica Patera / Andrea Sbra Perego

Orazio Garofalo

Lucia Nanni

Mohammad Sorkabi

Savina Capecci

Martha Amorocho


Daphne van de Velde

Juris Efneris

Elisabeth Tronhjem 

Alessandro Botti

Francesco Di Giovanni

Susanna Cati

Annalisa Lenzi

Rana Feghali

POWER 2023


The art project Power for the period 2023 - 2024, in the new format of a touring exhibition of contemporary art contemporary art, investigates, challenges, and reformulates the concept of Power. The exhibition offers an experience in which seven visionary artists from the Netherlands and Italy come together to create works that question and celebrate Power in all its facets.
Through conceptual art, video art, and installation, the exhibition invites the public to a profound reflection. Indeed, the exhibition project explores the various forms of power: the power of the mind and the inner dynamics that derive from it, social power in its structural manifestations, the power of nature, the power of time, the power of memory, the power of the universe, the power of art.
The artists investigate the concept of resilience, self-determination, consciousness and awareness and our potential for change and to reflect on the possibilities of a future in which power is equally distributed. in which power is equally distributed.

Supporting artists, rewarding with our interest the passion and commitment of those who daily make art their mission should not be a luxury, breaking down the walls of indifference and short-sightedness (cultural, political and social) is not a chimera but our precise responsibility, and it is in our hands. Let us take back this POWER to bring truth and beauty. Never has there been a greater need for art. Now more than ever, let us support it to fulfil its irreplaceable function of making this world a better place for all.

Valentin Bakardjiev

Alice Padovani

Caterina Crepax


Arjan Spannenburg

Sanda Sudor

Enrico Valeruz


Palazzo Barolo

Confirming its commitment to artistic research, the Alina Art Foundation presents the third edition of its annual exhibition project, Artists for Alina, conceived by artist Sanda Sudor, president of the Foundation. The event scheduled for 2022, hosted at the historic Palazzo Barolo in Turin, home of the Opera Barolo, proposed an aesthetic reflection on the meaning of the term 'consciousness'. The exhibition of the same name, curated by Davide Silvioli, is equivalent to an interdisciplinary confrontation between seven artists selected by the curator together with the foundation. On this basis, Conscience defines a reasoned collective, set up around a circle of works by authors who are heterogeneous in terms of language and path but, in this case, aligned on the possibility of tackling the same theme, albeit through different alphabets. The exhibition, according to these accents, developed from the identification of artists who, diversified in terms of training and extraction, while respecting singularities, had already crossed the category of consciousness in the development of their respective paths. On this premise, Vesna Bursich, Diego de Vos, Florindo Rilli, Lise Sore, Roos van Geffen, Eugenie van Raaij and Pengpeng Wang have created new works or reconfigured previous works based on the character of the exhibition space itself. Oscillating from painting to drawing and from photography to installation and video, the exhibition indirectly provides the possibility of interfacing with a plurality of distinctive contemporary artistic solutions and, thanks to such a sought-after diversity, Consciousness and its facets are declined to their fullest extent of meaning, in order to succeed in describing its present-day drifts. The exhibition also integrated a collateral public programme, with guided tours through music and poetry, thus a new format of fruition: a Musical Visit consisting of short classical music recitals coordinated by maestro Massimiliano Genot and a Poetic Visit, a recitative performance by actress Beatrice Bonino, who through the profound meanings of the poems and texts chosen created an unprecedented path to look at the works through words and thoughts.



Palazzo Albertini
( Forli)

Palazzo Crotti 

The second edition of Artists for Alina, centered on the theme of Justice, opened its doors on 12 June in the exhibition spaces of the prestigious Palazzo Albertini, bringing together the 26 artists chosen by curator Massimo Magurano to represent certain aspects and visions of this ethical-social value discussed and fought over throughout history. It was an introspective journey between the two artistic paths in a single exhibition: - Justice in the eyes of the 26 artists established on the national and international scene - "26" an itinerary of 26 paintings by Sanda Sudor (26 as old as Alina at the time of the tragedy), each painting dedicated to a year of life and all interconnected by a single thread. The choice of the curator in the figure of Massimo Magurano was a coincidence but the fortunate one of having found at the right time someone whose professional experience as a curator and art connoisseur understood the meaning of this life project that is Alina Art Foundation. With works created with different types of media (installations, video art, painting, photography, collage, sculpture), the following artists were present in the exhibition: Brandimarte, Baldoni, Bartolucci, Catalani, Crepax, Castagnetti, Mogol, Riciputo, Pompili, Ferraro, Spagnuolo, Mascitti, Negro, Crudi, Puglisi, Luchetti, Pagliacci, Maggi, Olivieri, Kozlyk, Garofalo, Marcheggiani, Rares, Di Giusto, Pierini, Morriconi. Each of them marked a trace, reshaping the universal home of our human values. Completing the program of the event were the various online artist talk sessions, to discover the backgrounds of the works on show and the personal stories that connected their authors to the theme of the exhibition. "I believe in Art as an absolute value of human evolution, Art will save the world and open new horizons of human strength and creativity, our values and our changes. ARTISTS FOR ALINA in its 2021 edition proposes a theme on which our nation is founded: Justice. The reality of a society where justice is unbalanced must be changed with real actions: let Art then awaken our consciences and ignite the strength to change with CONSCIOUSNESS AND COURAGE." (Sanda Sudor - president Alina Art Foundation)



On 3 October, the first edition of the main project Artists for Alina was inaugurated in Forlì, at the Oratory of San Sebastiano, marking the start of this journey with the presentation of the three prizes awarded to the works selected by the foundation. The event was organized and promoted by artist Sanda Sudor, to commemorate the loss of her only 26-year-old daughter, Alina Marchetta, who was crushed on the morning of 7 April 2019 in Forlì, by a car driven by one of her contemporaries, Martina Mercuriali, in the grip of alcohol and drugged. An art exhibition to keep alive the memory of this girl, of her tragic death, and to raise public awareness of the tragedies caused by road murders perpetrated by completely drunk or drugged drivers. The only tool is Art, which Alina's mother can turn to to soften the abyss of her grief and unbridgeable loss and to represent her daughter and those who survive her in the poignant memory of those looks full of hopes and dreams, now broken. The exhibition featured works by 40 selected artists in all fields of visual art (painting, sculpture, photography, design, graphics/illustration, video), and, on the day of its inauguration, prizes were awarded to the first three artists winners of the competition for the year 2020: 1st Prize "Alina" to Livia Cannella for the video "ALINA e le rose "2nd Prize to David Pompili for the work "Santi Urbani "3rd Prize to Anna Maria Scocozza for the art-paper installation "ALINA. Spring will wake you up with a flower "An exhibition that will be repeated every year so that this Love does not fade and so that the warning of this tragedy remains alive: never again these murderous massacres! The law of 2016, which introduced the new case of road homicide into the criminal law, still has serious gaps and unacceptable application problems.