Street furniture in memory of the victims of road violence is an issue that concerns all administrative bodies and, above all, all citizens. We can never forget that everyone's life also depends on others and respect for human beings. In order not to forget and above all to cultivate respect for life, this social project is an additional impact tool through the use of architectural or artistic elements, words, and images in meeting and gathering areas (parks, gardens, recreation areas, pavements, squares, shopping centers, schools...) to remember the victims of road violence and their precious lives suddenly cut short. The fundamental concept of the Awareness Project lies in the fact that each bench is dedicated to an innocent victim of road violence because each victim has his or her own identity, a name, and surname, a face, a world of affections and passions, a life that was full of dreams, projects, joys, a life that we still have the right to live. They no longer do! Each PANCAVITA realized on the model of the project proposed by Alina Art Foundation (see the graphic simulation) will be further embellished with the intervention of an artist who will dedicate his creative message to the victim (which will be printed on the back of the bench anyway) together with an emblematic text on the victim's tragic end. Then the QR code linked to the PANCAVITA Project website will also be prominently printed, where everyone will be able to read the victims' stories in correspondence with the profiles of the artists who have joined the project. Alina Art Foundation, with its mission of raising awareness through art, will make the appropriate selection of artists who care about the key issues of society and human values. The PANCAVITA project will see the involvement of the numerous road victims' associations spread across the territory, as well as the municipalities participating in the project, together with the social cooperatives that will be involved in the realisation of the artefacts.